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Blueberry Lake Studios (La Maison Anglaise)
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  • Salmon Run
  • Finding Manon in Montréal

Jeff McIntyre has been quietly writing and illustrating graphic novels for many years, crafting captivating stories and vivid illustrations. His journey in graphic novel creation has led to the completion of two exciting series. Finding Manon In Montreal, spans seven compelling chapters, taking readers on a journey through three generations of a family, the heart of Montreal, Quebec, and the soul of Canada. This historical fiction delves into profound themes, like nationalism and belonging. On the heels of his debut series, Jeff has embarked on another gripping adventure with Salmon Run, a six-issue comic book series. The narrative is a road story, the desperate race to out-run the wolves that are mental illness. It is a narrative that tackles complex and serious themes, yet it is also a story that finds humour, happiness and hope on the highways and great rivers of eastern Canada. “Jeff McIntyre has consistently demonstrated a strong command of visual storytelling and a unique creative vision. His ability to convey complex emotions and experiences is truly remarkable.” - Terry Mosher, Montreal Gazette (Order of Canada - cartoonist)
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