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  • When Three Becomes Four

Mariève, from Quebec City, Canada, is the mum of Charlie and Billie. Charlie is five and he was born in Australia. Billie is two and she was born in Canada. Maternity and becoming a mother changed her perspective on life. During her first maternity leave, she discovered her love of writing and she started a blog on motherhood. Then, life happened and she did not write as much. When Billie was born in 2020 in the middle of a world pandemic, Mariève was inspired to write her first book, and she kept on writing. She is finding inspiration and meaning in being a mum. She hopes parents can use her book When Three Becomes Four as a resource to support them and their children navigate the emotional roller coaster of welcoming a new sibling. According to Mariève, this life's milestone is equally magical, beautiful and challenging.
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